Diversify your portfolio with the real estate investment offerings of the Walnut Street Capital, leaders in income-producing real estate investments for more than a decade. We seek to invest in real estate assets in urban cores and drive value through adapitive reuse and capital expenditure intensive renovation projects. Once projects are stabilized the focus shifts to operations and cash-flow management. Critical to our success has been the ability to invest opportunistically and to assume the role of both investor and operator to give our clients a superior risk adjusted return.

Our deals are recognized for consistent accomplishment of these core investment objectives:

  • Regular Cash Distributions
  • Capital Appreciation
  • Conservative Leverage
  • Hedge Against Inflation
  • Attractive After Tax Returns
  • Estate Planning Advantages

Walnut Street Capital sponsors direct placement programs of real estate investments exclusively with its affiliate funds.

Our aim is to provide superior after-tax current returns—with capital appreciation potential, capital preservation and inflation protection. We measure our performance against our investors’ comparable risk alternatives. We review thousands of direct investment opportunities in residential, office, retail and industrial property annually and focus on those where we can add value to the investment through our ability to fix a financial, physical, operational or marketing problem. We look for inefficiencies and repair them for the long-term benefit of our investors and the asset.

Most important is that we fulfill the trust that investors place in us. You rely on us to provide secure long-term income for yourself, your family, and successive generations. You rely on our stewardship and for the recurring income generated by your investments.

You expect us to know when to buy, refinance, and sell, and how best to preserve and grow the value of your investments. It is an extraordinary responsibility that colors our every decision, shunning the quick profit and focusing on what’s best for the next 20 years.

We hope you will consider a Walnut Street Capital investment program as part of your financial planning.